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Bloombase StoreSafe - Enterprise Storage Security

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Interactive Demonstration

Experience the power of on-the-fly transparent file encryption

Experience wire-speed IP-SAN storage encryption

Guided Demonstration

Protect corporate digital assets by state-of-the-art PKI and strong encryption technologies. See how Bloombase StoreSafe achieves storage protection at user transparency

Realtime database encryption is technically very difficult. See how Bloombase StoreSafe achieves 100% client transparent database protection with ease

Application repository has a lot of confidential business logic and user credentials that need to be protected, even from administrator's access. See how Bloombase StoreSafe achieves this

Worry if your corporate website is hacked and defaced? Bloombase StoreSafe puts your mind at rest. See how

See how Bloombase StoreSafe's desktop edition Bloombase StoreSafe Lite helps protecting your personal and corporate digital assets and shares secrets with your co-workers and friends

Technical Requirements

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Protect your data with Bloombase transparent encryption.

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