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Bloombase Message - Transparent Email Encryption and Signature

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Keep Hackers, Crackers, Administrators and Operators Away From Snooping Your Confidential Emails

Today's enterprises rely heavily on email systems for their day-to-day business and operations. Statistics show email volume grows at an annual rate of 30% [IDC quoted in Storage Magazine, Oct. 2002]

Despite efforts and investment spent on email protection such as content detection, content filtering, anti-virus and anti-spamming, email theft and contents tampering remain unsolved.

Email encryption and signature technologies protect plain contents from prying eyes and provide evidence to possible unauthorized content alterations. However, adoption in corporations lag far behind. A major obstacle is the change of end-user workflow that keeps users away.

Bloombase Message is the ultimate solution to successful secure corporate email deployment. Bloombase Message is a standalone high-performance hardware appliance that encrypts emails on-the-fly at corporate messaging servers. It supports all commercial messaging servers on the market and deployment is hassle-free. With Bloombase Message, users enjoy security of messaging with absolutely no sacrifice in usability.

Phishing and email fraud remain a serious Internet security problem despite presence of information security products including email anti-spammer and content filter. Unlike spamming, email fraud can cause tremendous loss of user properties and assets.

In attempt to solve email fraud problem, "responsible" businesses choose NOT sending emails. However this does not solve the actual problem and immediately raises operating costs in customer service and sales/marketing.

Bloombase Message is created to solve security problem related to corporate emails - from e-marketing advertisments to electronic statements. Bloombase Message adds evidence to from whom an email is sent, whether or not the contents are altered and protects sensitive contents from prying eyes.

Bloombase Message can integrate easily with corporate messaging systems to transparently encrypt user emails stored and decrypt on-the-fly as user requests.


Guided Demonstration

See how to protect your electronic bills with Bloombase Message

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Product Highlights

Secured Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Standard based and work virtually with all messaging servers in the market

User independence and transparent processing

No user training required. Outgoing emails are encrypted immediately under the covers requiring no user workflow change

Secured Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (SMIME) encryption support

International standard on email encryption ensuring compliance and risk-free implementation

Transparent Encryption and Decryption

High performance and intelligent cryptographic engine to detect network traffic for email contents and carry out cryptographic operations based on user-predefined rules

Transparent Signature Generation and Verification

Add digital signature to emails to assure source and accuracy of electronic messages. Digital signature provides evidence that an instruction or information of a signed email has been authorized

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