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Bloombase SOA - Service Oriented Architecture Information Security

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Electronic information exchange is everywhere in business world: bank transactions, brokerage clearance, customs declaration, purchasing, billing, workflow, and reporting, all relate to private and sensitive data that require high level of security handling. Latest proceedings in data interchange include ASC X12's CICA, FIN-XML for financial transactions, C-XML for diverse commercial transactions, UN-backed ebXML initiative, Microsoft BizTalk and XML/EDIFACT all are defining the next generation document format. One thing in common is extensible markup language (XML). Web services is a next-wave enterprise-application-integration (EAI) technology for implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), again it is based on XML messaging. Digital communications made over the Internet risk data privacy and authenticity. There is no exception to XML data.

Interactive Demonstration

Find out how Bloombase SOA protects electronic shipping order EAI data between shipper and carrier

Imagine secret data are transmitted as plain over the insecure Internet, intruders tap important business data and alter contents, trespassers send transactional messages on behalf of another company, these lower confidence level of enterprises to e-commerce, introduce potential legal lawsuit and degrade corporate image. However, the biggest challenge to securing enterprise application integration is the requirement of application transparency and be least invasive to existing systems, at the same time not sacrificing performance and manageability.

Product Highlights

  • XML Proxy - Firewall
  • XML Parsing and Filtering
  • Secures EDI, EAI, SOA and Web Services data
  • Schema Validation
  • Encryption and Decryption
  • Signature Generation and Verification
  • Transforms
  • Message Routing

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