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Bloombase StoreSafe for SAN / iSCSI

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Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-end storage toplogy for enterprises having highly scalable and sizable storage requirements at the same time cannot risk losing performance. SAN is supported by various major hardware vendor and enterprise grade operating systems.

Full redundancy, high performance and improved storage utilitization are some of the key major benefits of SAN. SAN is a purpose-built architecture for mission critical enterprise core storage systems. Most if not all business data rest in SAN are confidential and requiring very high level of integrity.

Data At Risk

As SAN data are mostly vital, enterprises opt for replication, staging and backup as disaster recovery measures to keep enterprise systems at high availability. Replication and backup data in storage media other than production system opens up another risk area that sensitive corporate data will easily be disclosed and made known to public and unauthorized parties.

To protect SAN data without sacrificing performance and high availability is a major challenge in most corporations and organizations.


Bloombase StoreSafe SAN are a family of high-speed network storage cryptographic engines to virtualize core business SAN storage. It can be directly applied to enterprise core databases and backup systems to gain always-available data and have business owners' mind at rest in data security.

Gigabit fiber-channel and IP SAN encryption server for enterprise storage data protection

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