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Bloombase StoreSafe for NAS

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Network attached storage (NAS) is the only type of storage that allows data and corporate resource sharing by connecting host and server systems. It is by far the most mature networked storage solution in the industry.

NAS originally is developed and deployed for enterprises in data sharing environment as a low-cost solution, together with performance and most important of all, scalability, extensibility, heterogeneity and availability.

Data At Risk

NAS can easily be deployed in enterprise computing environment and virtually works with all server and client hardware and operating systems. NAS enables quick and no down-time deployment. Any clients connect to the same networked environment with authenticated user credentials can readily access the remote data.

As users enjoy convenience of data access, it opens up a huge security vulnerability to NAS storage contents - data can be duplicated and NAS hardware can easily be detached. Sensitive and confidential corporate data can readily come to the hands of unauthorized trespassers or business competitors.

Problems Solved

Bloombase StoreSafe protects enterprise persistence data with wire-speed strong encryption and transparent operation least affecting existing corporate computing infrastructure. Bloombase StoreSafe for NAS is a self-contained network appliance that encrypts and decrypts storage data on-the-fly with high-availability capabilities for mission critical environments.

Wire-speed gigabit network storage encryption hardware for enteprise resource sharing

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