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Bloombase StoreSafe - Enterprise Storage Security

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Business Benefits

Bloombase StoreSafe solves enterprise persistent storage protection problem at low-cost and gaurantees to integrate with existing computing resources seamlessly with least efforts. See how corporations benefit from digital asset protection with Bloombase StoreSafe.

Transparent database encryption

Protect real-time ERP, financial and customer data in databases by on-the-fly StoreSafe network storage encryption. Applications enjoy virtual private data in their plain form without sacrificing performance

Secure replication and disaster recovery

Replication of data in their native encrypted form while replicated data in disaster recovery system remain ciphered. Corporations are confident their most valuable operational data are kept privately safe and risk free

Email repository encryption

Top management emails often contain secret and confidential business decisions and data. When persisted in corporate groupware, they should be encrypted and by deploying StoreSafe, it requires no change in user workflow

Intellectual property protection

Design files, application source codes, product prototypes and marketing campaign resources should be protected by strong encryption at the storage side and be transparent to end-users

Secured data backup and archival

Protect backup staging files, virtual tape devices, backup tapes and cartridges by strong encryption to prevent potential disclosure of secret corporate information in worst scenarios like media thefts

User Data Protection and Sharing

Corporate users store their files and documents at Bloombase StoreSafe and readily encrypted with strong encryption before persisted to storage using their own keys. As each user data are protected by their own encryption keys, administrators and trespassers have technically no way to obtain the true contents of others' resources. Files and digital assets retrieved via Bloombase StoreSafe are automatically decrypted and only asset owners can access the true contents. Asset sharing can easily be implemented by sharing of user private keys

Secured Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise systems make use of file repository for asynchronous enterprise application integration can protect their repository at transparency using Bloombase StoreSafe. Data providers send integration data via Bloombase StoreSafe and gets encrypted and stored at repository. Data consumers obtain true contents from repository via Bloombase StoreSafe interface. Integrating Bloombase StoreSafe with enterprise systems is simple and fast. Application architects have mind at rest when considering security in their applications

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