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Bloombase StoreSafe - Enterprise Storage Security

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Persistent data protection used to be a difficult subject in enterprise. Digital assets including financial reports, legal documents, private human resources information, confidential contracts and sensitive user data are invaluable properties of a corporation. A business cannot risk losing these information, both confidentiality and non-repudiability.

Guided Demonstration

Protect corporate digital assets by state-of-the-art PKI and strong encryption technologies. See how Bloombase StoreSafe achieves storage protection at user transparency

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Bloombase StoreSafe is an all-in-one storage protection product to protect corporate and user data at persistence yet at the same time has least invasive effects to existing user workflow and process.

Product Highlights

Hardware and operating system independence

All platforms conforming to the industrial storage communications protocols are supported

Filesystem independence

Bloombase StoreSafe operates on the network layer abstracting filesystem underneath

User independence and transparent processing

No user training required. Data to be stored are encrypted and data to be read are decrypted automatically under the covers requiring no change on user workflow

Transparent encryption and decryption

High performance and intelligent cryptographic engine sensing network traffic for storage data and carry out cryptographic operations based on user-predefined rules

Effortless and riskless deployment and implementation

No application change required. No complex system integration. No user workflow change. No administration and operation change

Flexible and secure access control

Finer-grain user access control and time-window-based access suiting all enterprise needs

Multi-user support and resource sharing

Users protect their own digital assets by their own encryption keys. Resource sharing made possible without sacrificing security

Seamless integration with KeyCastle appliance

Where encryption keys are required to be stored and managed in dedicated hardware - Bloombase StoreSafe integrates with Bloombase KeyCastle appliance seamlessly for maximum encryption key security

High availability and clustering

Highly scalable and multiple Bloombase StoreSafe boxes running in a cluster for failover in mission-critical systems and load-balancing for high-throughput storage systems

Secure Your Data Now

Protect your data with Bloombase transparent encryption.

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