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Bloombase OS Operating System

All Bloombase virtual servers are built from and powered by Bloombase's unique BloombaseOS operating system for high security, performance, scalability and availability. Designed to meet the needs of on-the-fly real-time data cryptography of the world's largest security, transaction processing, messaging, SOA, and storage infrastructures etc, Bloombase servers contain advanced threading, cryptographic processing streamlining, self-healing, connection management and monitoring facilities.

Bloombase started with a monolithic Linux kernel and made several major enhancements. First, Bloombase developed a stackless threading model that allows Bloombase security servers to support more than 10,000 simultaneous connections, in contrast to the 100 connections supported on traditional OS. Bloombase also developed a high performance I/O file system optimized for real-time and parellel processing of data cryptography. BloombaseOS supports a wide range of PKCS#11 hardware security modules, OASIS KMIP compliant key managers and Bloombase KeyCastle for key management. It supports Intel AES-NI for acceleration of data cryptography using state-of-the-art and purpose-made crypto ICs. Finally, BloombaseOS was designed to have no user-accessible UNIX shell - making it much simpler to administer and inherently secure. Users interact with a web based GUI. The server shares same rock solid infrastructure as many other market leading network appliances such as a router, switch or firewall, many of which utilize modified FreeBSD and Linux kernels.

BloombaseOS allows the Bloombase servers to process real time sensitive data over 10x more efficiently than traditional UNIX systems, providing extremely high capacity and availability.

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