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Bloombase Recovery Key

Bloombase recovery key is either a set of software key vaults in form of files or physical keys in form of PKCS#11 compliant hardware secure module (HSM) tokens or cards. Bloombase Recovery Key is a quorum of multiple key(s) whereas the recovery key holder quorum and body sizes are up to customer's choice. Recovery key(s) are the required elements for successful restoration of Bloombase configurations archives. Failing to present the minimum quorum of recovery key(s)/token(s)/card(s) fails to restore its corresponding Bloombase configurations archives. Therefore, once recovery key(s) are generated in the installation phase, they should be assigned to data owner(s) and kept in a safe location. Recovery key(s) should never be exposed and duplicated and should only be presented during disaster recovery or Bloombase cloning.

The quorum recovery key(s) refer to the minimum set of dissimilar recovery key(s) prior to the condition of a successful restoration of configurations archive is satisfied. A body size of 2 and quorum of 1 means there are a total of 2 physical recovery keys to be generated and held by 2 persons whereas any one of the body already satisfies a valid quorum for recovery to be carried out. A body size of 3 and quorum of 2 means there are a total of 3 physical recovery keys to be held by a maximum of 3 persons (A, B, C), during recovery process, either A-and-B, B-and-C or C-and-A is satisfied as a valid quorum for recovery.

Note that recovery key(s) are generated ONLY ONCE during installation phase, no more such key(s) can be further generated.

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