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Email is the most penetrating and low-cost marketing tool to distribute advertisments and latest product news of an enterprise to consumers. It is generally regarded as the only interactive "push" media reaching existing and potential customers. Electronic marketing systems have intelligence to select the right customer segment, automatically compose the right marketing materials and dispatch to customers' email accounts without human attention. Marketing people can focus in defining new products and target consumer segments instead of time-consuming and inefficient telephone cold-calls and face-to-face visits.

As e-marketing emerges as the domainant marketing channel, phishing sites and fraud emails start becoming the two biggest obstacles forbidding its growth.

In attempt to solve email fraud problem, "responsible" businesses choose NOT sending emails. However this does not solve the actual problem and immediately raises operating costs in customer service and sales/marketing.

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Find out how Bloombase Security Platform assures email identity

To assure consumers accuracy and authority of e-marketing emails, corporations should digitally sign their emails. Recipients can verify source authenticity and be confident of the information received are not altered during transmission.

Bloombase Solution

Bloombase Message integrate seamlessly with enterprise e-marketing systems to sign corporate announcements and e-marketing news using international standard S/MIME signature. Consumers verify corporate broadcast emails by corporate's digital certificates installed on their email client tools. Email digital signature verification is supported in all major commercial and open-source email tools.

Bloombase Message is a standalone high-performance hardware mail proxy appliance that encrypts and signs emails on-the-fly at corporate messaging servers. Bloombase Message is built to solve spamming, fraud emails and confidential email disclosure problems that can be addressed by email digital signature, encryption and DomainKey proposed by Email Authentication which generally are considered difficult if not impossible to implement amongst end users in most enterprises. Bloombase Message works entirely on the network layer without users’ intervention and training. By properly configuring security rules per sender/recipient, Bloombase Message appliance automatically signs and encrypts emails before dispatching to recipients. Multiplexing Bloombase Message appliance for load-balancing and failover is easy. It supports all commercial messaging servers or groupware on the market and deployment is hassle-free. Bloombase Message addresses security threats with emails at ease and low-cost.

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