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Bloombase Security Server - Enterprise Data Center Information Security

Bloombase family of security server and software appliance products are built up using our Bloombase Next Generation Security Platform which is a proven, stable and high performance architecture for enterprise applications and systems requiring higher level of information security. Bloombase security solutions solve several major information security problems most enterprises tend to neglect

  • Data confidentiality
  • Data producer authenticity
  • Data integrity and non-repudiation

For more about Bloombase Security Platform, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Enterprise Network Storage Protection

Protect your enterprise digital knowledge base and user digital assets from data theft. Ensure non-repudiation and confidentiality in operational and archival data.


SOA Security

XML and Web Services are the fundamentals of next generation meta-data and distributed computing. Enterprise application integration (EAI) and electronic data interchange (EDI) systems in which sensitive information in form of XML or web-services remote procedure calls (RPC) traverse should be protected by digital signature and encryption.


Corporate Messaging and Email Protection

Email is one of the major communications media for today's corporations. Email contents often are confidential business data, secret information or instructions of authority. Protect emails from prying eyes or alteration without the change of user behavior is difficult if not impossible.

Secure Your Data Now

Protect your data with Bloombase transparent encryption.

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