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Bloombase Keyparc Business - Enterprise Digital Asset Protection

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Keyparc Business - Data at-rest Protection for Laptop, Desktop and Handheld Device


Keyparc file security infrastructure is the most widely deployed software suite for protecting privacy of sensitive contents in files through transparent cryptographic technologies - from desktop to mobile device. Keyparc is proven to deliver results from customers of all sizes and used in a wide variety of environments and applications. The suite is fully optimized, rigorously tested and certified for the widest range of hardware, operating systems and software applications.

Transparent Experience to Data Encryption

Access your Keyparc Business protected sensitive files via Keyparc disk drive as if plain files.

Experience Business Digital Asset Protection at Lower Cost

Meet enterprise wide data security requirements immediately with Keyparc Busienss at lower cost.


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Secure Enterprise Desktops and Laptops

Protect sensitive business documents stored locally on enterprise user desktops.

Secure Enterprise Handheld and Mobile Devices

Secure corporate mobile data as if they are locked down in your bullet proof data center. Keyparc Business protects your sensitive corporate digital assets in your PDAs and smart phones.

Secure Your Data Now

Protect your data with Bloombase transparent encryption.

Bloombase Demonstrations

See how Bloombase protects your digital assets.

Bloombase SupPortal

Get technical support from Bloombase Supportal and Knowledgebase.