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Bloombase StoreSafe for IBM PureSystems

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Today, information technology has moved to the center of our lives and of business - it is almost becoming transparent to the consumer. This places greater demands on companies, and their IT capabilities with need for faster delivery, rapid iteration and greater elasticity.

The Challenge

Traditional computing is constrained in this environment by the amount of time, effort and money spend maintaining the current environment and addressing the growing complexity. Organizations are having an increasingly difficult time developing IT capabilities that can keep pace with these new demands, creating a barrier of time, cost, and risk:

  • The average $1 million IT project requires over 6 months to specify, procure, and implement the required servers, storage and networking equipment
  • It can take 8-11 months on average to design and build a custom application, depending on the size of the project
  • Nearly 2/3 of organizations fall behind schedule, with most taking 25% longer than expected, when deploying new IT capabilities

The Solution - IBM PureSystems

IBM proposed a new breed of system to deliver IT at the speed of business.

A smarter computing approach. A new category. Systems with integrated expertise will dramatically speed the deployment of new IT processes and services and reduce many of the risks and inefficiencies that are inherent in today's fixed, deterministic IT solutions.

Drawing on its systems and software expertise, IBM has created a new family of expert integrated systems with built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically, integration by design to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency, and simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance

  • IBM PureFlex - Expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure
  • IBM PureApplications - Expert at optimally deploying and running applications for rapid time-to-time

Both systems are optimized for performance and virtualized for efficiency, offer no compromise design with system level upgradability, and are designed for cloud with flexibility and simplicity

Bloombase StoreSafe for IBM PureSystems

Bloombase extends and enhances these systems by adding our expertise in regulatory compliance and trusted computing enabling customers to save time and money by significantly accelerating application deployment times.

Combining Bloombase and IBM's expert integrated systems, it enables customers to

  • Consolidate - more efficiently consolidate systems and applications to reduce operating expenses in achieving regulatory compliance
  • Optimize - better tune and automate systems and applications to improve application performance, security, scalability and reliability
  • Innovate - more rapidly deliver new trusted applications and services to meet new business needs without sacrificing data confidentiality and integrity
  • Accelerate Cloud - more quickly enable secure, and integrated cloud environments

Why IBM?

  • IBM patterns of expertise distilled from proven best practices for complex tasks learned from decades of client and partner engagements that are captured, lab tested and optimized and then built into the system
  • IBM integration by design leverages knowledge culled from hardware and software labs and client and partner engagements to integrated and tuned systems for optimal performance
  • IBM’s broad ecosystem with solutions from over 100 leading partners, certified through the “Ready for IBM PureSystems” program
  • IBM’s 100 years of experience delivering essential IT with market leading systems and software developed from $6 billion annual R&D from the top US patent recipient 19 years running

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