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Senetas Expands Encryption Product Range With Bloombase Technologies - Now secures personal and corporate “data at rest”

MELBOURNE, November 23, 2010 – Australia’s world-leading high speed network encryption company, Senetas Corporation Limited (ASX:SEN) will gain an expanded information security product range following a partnering agreement with , Bloombase Technologies , one of the leading global information security companies from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud

Senetas CEO John DuBois announced today that a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Bloombase CEO, Sean Xiang, now gave Senetas the right to resell Bloombase technologies to secure datacenter, desktop and mobile information directly in Australia and globally through its established reseller channel.

The agreement gives Senetas access to all Bloombase products, which complements Senetas’ high speed network encryption and extends its potential reach to the enterprise desktop and mobile professional market for information security solutions, and extends to enterprise “data at rest” solutions for storage area networks (SANs).

Mr DuBois said: “While Senetas has had success with its Fibre Channel encryptors that secure data in motion between enterprise SANs, Bloombase’s Spitfire solution addresses a security risk that most organisations currently ignore - securing data at rest in the SANs - thus extending the opportunity for Senetas to provide an end-to-end network security solution.” Mr DuBois said.

The Bloombase Spitfire data at-rest security solution automates encryption and un-encryption of enterprise storage systems including direct-attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN), transparently for authorized storage hosts as data are read from and written to the storage systems.

Mr DuBois described Bloombase as “an excellent fit for Senetas, that further extends our potential market to offer secure data for the professional consumer sector”. Senetas believed there was increasing demand for simple transparent information security down to the desktop from senior executives handling company-confidential material to those mobile executives outside the firewall who need to secure data communications.

Bloombase’s Keyparc Business products assure user identity, protect ownership and integrity of files, protect privacy of digital assets, and allow sharing of confidential corporate data for group access.

“Senetas and Bloombase data security products complement each other, enabling customers to comply to national, market-vertical and their internal data protection regulatory by end-to-end protection of their sensitive corporate data with least impact to their existing IT infrastructure and sustainable return-on-investment (ROI).” Bloombase CEO Sean Xiang addressed. “The total data security solution further sets a new baseline standard for enterprises and organizations with IT infrastructure bleeding across the firewall boundary. We anticipate a redefinition of core building blocks for enterprise virtual data-centers which will accelerate the adoption for cloud computing.”

About Senetas

Senetas Corporation Limited (ASX Code: SEN) is an Australian ASX-listed public company and is the world’s leading developer and supplier of high speed network encryption hardware products. Its products are accredited to the highest international government security standards (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+). Senetas is now represented in more than 40 countries and customers include Government, military and law enforcement agencies, as well as leading financial institutions in Australia, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

About Bloombase

Bloombase develops and markets Spitfire and Keyparc information security solutions for enterprises and organizations. Bloombase formulates a vision for next generation enterprise application integration and electronic data interchange to secure and accelerate information exchange. This vision brings together distributed and heterogeneous systems with seamless connectivity and empowers enterprise applications and systems with security by use of state-of-the-art cryptographic, service oriented architecture and network technologies. Its products and solutions are deployed worldwide by governments, organizations and listed companies across industries including banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.bloombase.com/

For further information contact:
John DuBois, CEO, Senetas Corporation Limited, Tel: +61 3 9868 4555 john.dubois@senetas.com
Marketing Communications, Bloombase, Inc., Tel: +1 855 256 6622 marketing@bloombase.com

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