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Bloombase Earns IBM DB2 Data Server Certification

San Jose, California, United States, Aug 18, 2009 - Bloombase Technologies, one of the leading global information security companies, today announced that its prominent storage data security product, Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe Security Server, has been tested and validated to work on hardware supported by IBM DB2 data server software for Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW). The certification gives enterprise customers confidence in the protection of private sensitive data of IBM DB2 server software products by Bloombase product line. The combination enables organizations to leverage the power of Bloombase's transparent encryption technologies to rapidly build and deploy secure data infrastructure to achieve various demanding national and industrial information security regulatory standards, delivering confidentiality and integrity of trusted information services at ease.

Having been certified compatible with IBM DB2, and having passed IBM’s high standards of testing and validation, Bloombase ensures easy and successful protection of IBM DB2 data server software. This validation means lower deployment and data migration costs for protecting data services built on DB2 software, further enhancing the level of trust and secrecy of customers data using Bloombase information security platform. For the first time enterprise customers can rely on Bloombase to secure their IBM DB2 data services at database table row-level, column-level, data-file-level and/or storage device/logical-unit-number (LUN) level with a single solution, no matter data store rests physically at Fiber-Channel SANs or even via FCoE, iSCSI disks, NAS/filers, DAS and internal SAS disks.

"IBM’s rigorous certification process ensures Bloombase’s seamless integration with IBM DB2 data server environment, making it painless and cost effective for enterprises and organizations to secure their trusted data sources without sacrificing performance, availability, manageability and most important of all, security," said Harry Xiang, VP of Product Marketing, Bloombase Technologies. "This certification serves as yet another testament to Bloombase’s technology leadership in enterprise storage and database encryption. Take one of our recent customer cases from public sector in Asia Pacific as an example, they run their core IT infrastructure solely on IBM, their first question to us is whether our solution has been validated by IBM. IBM extends far beyond from simply a brand but to some extent an industry standard. Customer confidence is something money cannot buy. The combination of IBM DB2 and Bloombase provides customers a fast, secure, reliable, and scalable trusted data system to help customers cover their potential data exposure risks and increase their competitive advantage as their businesses grows."

The "Ready for IBM DB2 Data Server Software" program is a process designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) and solution integrators to validate and certify their products for compatibility for IBM DB2. The process certifies that Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe Security Server has been proven to easily and successfully integrate with the IBM DB2 data server software.

For more about Bloombase's "Ready for IBM DB2 Data Server Software" validation, please refer to http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/im/Bloombase+Technologies

About Bloombase Technologies

Bloombase develops and markets Spitfire and Keyparc information security solutions for enterprises and organizations. Bloombase formulates a vision for next generation enterprise application integration and electronic data interchange to secure and accelerate information exchange. This vision brings together distributed and heterogeneous systems with seamless connectivity and empowers enterprise applications and systems with security by use of state-of-the-art cryptographic, service oriented architecture and network technologies. Its products and solutions are available from major OEMs, system integrators and resellers, and are deployed worldwide by governments, organizations and listed companies across industries including banking, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.bloombase.com/

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